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The Results of the BJCP Barley & Hops Homebrew Competition


1. Category: Pale Ales


First place—Daniel Lynn: American IPA (14B)

Second place—David Schumacher: Schubrew Brett the Warrior IPA (14B)

Third Place—David Iselin: Amber Hybrid/California Common (7B)


2. Category: Wheat Beers


First Place—Zachary Fritts: Bavarian Hefeweizen (15A)

Second Place—Daniel Bedsaul: German Wheat Weizen (15A)

Third Place—Jason Shaw: Weizen/Weissbier (15A)


3. Category: Belgian/French Beer


First Place—John Cannon: Biere de Garde (16D)

Second Place—Daniel Lynn: Witbeer (16A)

Third Place—Jason Shaw: Saison (16C)


4. Dark Beer


First Place—Ken Pigg: American Brown Ale (10C)

Second Place—Eric Schraedley: Porter (12B)

Third Place—Mike Martel: English Brown Ale (11C)


5. Stout


First Place—Keith Heckman: Coffee Milk Stout (13B) ALSO, Best of Show Award!

Second Place—Jon Mormon: Rye Barrel Stout (22C)

Third Place—John Cannon: Russian Imperial Stout (13F)


6. Light Ale


First Place—Mike Martel: Hybrid Rye Beer (6D)

Second Place—David Schumache: Schubrew Cream Ale (6A)

Third Place—Jason Shaw: Cream Ale (6A)


7. Belgian Ale


First Place—Zachary Fritts: Berliner Weiss (17A)

Second Place—Jesse Godec: Sour Ale Lambic (17D)

Third Place—David Schumacher: Schubrew Dubbel (18B)


8. Speciality Beer


First Place—Tim Daugherty: Fruit Beer (Blueberry Kolsch—20)

Second Place—Mike Martel: Fruit Beer (French Saison Mango—20)

Third Place—Jon Morman: EIS-Stout (23)


9. Peoples Choice Hoopla Winner


David Schumacher (Red Ass Radler and Dinkity Dank IPA)



2014 Hoopla Winners

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