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The Results of the BJCP Barley & Hops Homebrew Competition


Best of Show

Mike Martel: Berliner Wiesse 

Lincoln Purvis: second place BOS 

Kyle Waller: third place BOS 

Sean Gemoules: honorable mention BOS


Flight One: Light Hybrid Beers 

First: Gary Black

Second: Jason Palardy

Third: Sean Gemoules


Flight Two: American Ales 

First: Sean Gemoules

Second: Ben Griffith

Third: Eric Schraedley


Flight Three: Porter 

First: Ken Pigg

Second: Jason Palardy

Third: Elizabeth Zerr


Flight Four: India Pale Ales 

First: Ben Griffith

Second: Jay Taylor

Third: Ryan Maliski


Flight Five: Sour Beer 

First: Mike Martel

Second: Kyle Waller


Flight Six: Saison 

First: Kyle Waller

Second: Mike Martel


Flight Seven: Speciality Beers 

First: Lincoln Purvis

Second: Ryan Maliski

Third: Eric Schraedley



2015 Hoopla Winners

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