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                                                                   Rules for Hoopla Homebrew Competition 2017:



The Barley & Hops Hoopla 2017 competition is sanctioned by BJCP. The beer styles used by BJCP will provide the basic standards for judging in this competition and entrants should consult the style sheets (http://www.bjcp.org/stylecenter.php) to make sure they are submitting their entries in the proper/desired style category. 



                                                                                             Rules to be followed:



1. Entries are to be submitted using the entry form online here. Only one entry form from each competitor is necessary. Entry forms may include up to three beer recipes but no more than three will be accepted for judging. All entries must be submitted no later than October 18, 2017, at midnight CDT. Each beer recipe entered counts as one entry. Completed entry forms may be mailed to Kenneth Pigg, Hoopla Coordinator, Bur Oak Brewery, 8250 E. Trade Center Dr., Columbia, MO 65201, OR they may be submitted along with the beer entries to the address below.



2. Beers to be judged (and listed on the entry form) may be shipped in well-protected packages to:


Keith Heckman

Worts and All

8650 V V Hwy., Columbia, MO 65202


**Bottles shipped for judging should be received no earlier than October 6, but no later than October 18, 2017, at the designated address above. Each bottle submitted should be labeled with the label below attached to the bottle with a rubber band or scotch tape so that it can be recorded and replaced with a competition label that only contains an entry number and style category of beer. 


Download the bottle label here:






3. Only homebrewed beers prepared using homebrew style equipment will be accepted for the competition. Beers prepared in commercial facilities using commercial style equipment are not permitted. Meads and ciders will not be accepted for this competition. 


4. A special category for beers brewed with “locally produced ingredients” will be a feature of this competition; for this category, at least one of the ingredients in the recipe must be produced by the brewer or procured from no more than 50 miles from their home. (Water does not count as a “locally produced ingredient.”) Entry forms should identify brews that are to be judged in this category and they may be of any style; all entries in this category will be judged against one another for general excellence in the brewing art.


5. Entrants should submit at least two bottles of each style beer they wish to have judged. A third bottle should be submitted if the entrant wishes to be a participant in the Best of Show competition. 


6. Each style category for which submissions are received will be judged using BJCP recommended procedures and prizes for the three best beers will be awarded. In addition, LogBoat Brewery in Columbia will seek an agreement for the recipe(s) they choose to feature in their own selection and to prepare as a featured brew for the 2017 Hoopla event and/or the GABF competition in 2017. Should any category feature only one submission, that recipe will be judged but no prizes will be awarded in that category, however, that recipe may be considered for the Best in Show competition.


7. Bottles submitted should be 10-14oz. in capacity. Smaller or larger bottles are discouraged and swing-

top bottles are not acceptable (any subsequent tasting may be contaminated because these are hard to re-close satisfactorily). Any color bottle may be submitted. All bottles submitted should be without any identifying markings that would identify the brewer.


8. There will be a fee for each category of beer submitted of $10.00 payable with your entry form. Please use the Paypal feature on the website to pay this fee.


9. For this competition total entries are limited. Only the first 50 beers will be accepted. Please submit your entries as early as possible to make the competition arrangements better for all involved.


10. Any entries received after the closing date/time will be declared ineligible for any of the prizes or Best of Show competition. They may be judged along with other submissions received on time unless the judges determine there is insufficient time available to give late entries serious consideration in the judging process.


11. No walk-in entries will be accepted on the day of the competition judging. Walk-ins are those bottles brought to the competition.


12. The Hoopla competition allows only one entry per brewer in any given subcategory. If a homebrewer enters more than one brew in a single BJCP category, those bottles will be enjoyed after the competition is completed by the judges!


13. Homebrewers are invited to participate in the Hoopla Fundraiser for Access to Healthy Foods (AHF) program beginning at 5 pm on November 4th by bringing a case of their best brews to Mid America Harley Davidson for tasting/sharing with other participants. In return, each brewer participating will receive a complimentary ticket to the Hoopla event, a commemorative T-shirt and beer glass for participating.


This year's competition will use the new BJCP style guide (on their website) so make sure your BJCP form is filled out using that guide, not the 2008 guide.


Contact Kenneth Pigg (LKENTH80@HOTMAIL.com) for more information.

AHA/BJCP Competition Rules

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