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          Home Brewers!

            The Hoopla event will be an AHA/BJCP Sanctioned








This year the HOOPLA features a BJCP sanctioned home brew competition held October 18th, 2017, for homebrewers who wish to participate. Judges come from around the state and this is your chance to impress them with Mid-MO brews!


*Prizes will be awarded to recognize the best brews.The competition will be held prior to the Hoopla festivities, but we encourage homebrewers to come to the Hoopla themselves and bring a case of their best beer to impress others.


Hoopla goers will be able to sample some of the best the brewers have to offer and make their own Choice for “People’s Choice” awards. Register Now! And make sure you take advantage of this great opportunity to “show-me” your best product.


Ready to sign up? Check out the competition rules and register today!

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