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 Barley & Hops Hoopla          Homebrew 2017        Competition Results:

Best of Show:

First Place: Kevin Marshall—Observation APA (American Pale Ale)


Second Place: Lincoln Purvis—Belgian Quad (Belgian Strong Ale)


Third Place: Kyle Waller—Peachy Freakin ‘ Keen (Fruit Beer)


Flight 1: Lager

First Place:  Lincoln Purvis—Helles Yeah Brother (Munich Helles Lager)


Second Place:  Nick Normandin—EyeRoller (Altbier)


Third Place:  Lincoln Purvis—Marzen (Marzen European Lager)


Flight 2: Amber/American Brown Ales

First Place: Nick Normandin—Sweetwater Amber (American Amber Ale)


Second Place:  Larry Owens—Witch Tripper (American Brown Ale)


Flight 3: IPA/APA

First Place:  Kevin Marshall—Observation APA (American Pale Ale)


Second Place:  Nick Normandin—Firefly Light (Blonde Ale)


Third Place:  Larry Owens—The Preacher (British/Strong Bitter)


Flight 4:  Spiced Beer

First Place: Kyle Waller—Peachy Freakin ‘ Keen (Fruit Beer)


Second Place:  Tim Daugherty—Earth Mother (Spiced Beer/Gruit)


Third Place:  David Iselin—Spice Beer


Flight 5:  Porter/Stout

First Place:  Scott Kurtz—Jamaican Nights (Tropical Stout)


Second Place:  Scott Kurtz—Paddleboat (American Porter)


Third Place:  Kevin Marshall—Sweet Shadow Stout (Oatmeal Stout)


Flight 6:  Specialty Beer

First Place:  Lincoln Purvis—Belgian Quad (Belgian Strong Ale)


Second Place:  Jesse Godec—Wild Specialty Beer


The results are in

and your entry may be a winner! Check the results below and thanks for competing in              the 2017                 Competition.


I hope to see you at the Hoopla on

Nov. 4 at Bur Oak 



           See DrinkMOBeer.org for more info and             tickets.

Ribbons and Judges’ Comments will be mailed to each entrant within a couple weeks.


Questions; can be addressed to

Ken Pigg,

Competition Organizer Lkenth80@hotmail.com

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